April/May 2020 Update

The Pod’s art and cultural work is steered through/sits under the Pod’s DIALOGUE
programme: an evolving partnership/conversation with key cultural organisations,
communities of interest, practitioners and activists to maximise the impact of the Pod Café as a unique venue, Supper Clubs, underGROWTH, the Food Union CV5
allotment and the Bob and Roberta Smith Zine reading room. 
As part of DIALOGUE, The Tin Music and Arts was thrilled to be able to invite artists, musicians,  activists and associates to apply for 4 commissions of £200 to create a pod cast, video, piece of music,  online Zine, how to guide, conversation about work in process,  that create DIALOGUE about their art practice or something they are passionate about, it was shared by the Pod and The Tin, across their various

The four commission chosen were –

Gertrude Zine The first commission is from Lisa Franklin & Lou Sarabadzic. Their zine, Gertrude #2 explores the theme of ‘Hope in a Digital World’.

Adele Mary Reed Our second commission comes from Adele Mary Reed. Her piece – Instant Dreamscapes in Isolation – is a collection of images made with instant film technology and digital audio field recordings of places visited whilst cycling in isolation, the two juxtaposed within video. Instant Dreamscapes in Isolation

Sherrie Edgar Our third piece of work comes from Sherrie Edgar. It covers three forms of art; painting, film and music, giving an all round reflective piece on what informs her work. It looks at existing artists work and describes the essence of loneliness. THE PODcast

Lauren Sheerman Our fourth and final commission piece comes from Lauren Sheerman. Lauren has created a series of three folk story podcasts which re-imagine our devices as the campfire we once sat around, drawing on the origins of oral storytelling as a tradition to bring communities together and help inspire collective creativity and thinking. Stories Podcast