The Tin Music and Arts is a registered charity. That means that any profit we make goes back into delivering the charities objectives.

1) To advance education in music and arts for the public benefit by the provision of an arts facility
2) The promotion of health by the provision of tuition in music and arts
3) To promote social inclusion for the public benefit by preventing people from becoming socially excluded, relieving the needs of those people who are socially excluded and assisting them to integrate into society

There are several ways in which you can support us as a charity, you can make a donation, hire the venue or simply volunteer your time.

As a charity, donations make a massive difference to us, no matter how big or small. It helps to support our ambitions, promote the arts and keep us engaging with the community. We want to still be active in years to come, for future generations to enjoy.

There is one way to donate:
Localgiving: Making a donation through our online donations platform here

Do you have some spare time to support our work? Would you be interested in getting involved with some of the projects we run? We’re on the lookout for new faces to help out down here at The Tin Music and Arts. Please email Sarah for more details:

Can you spare a bed or a sofa for a night? Providing accommodation for touring artists is always a huge help.