The Music and Arts is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation with a volunteer board of trustees, each with varying backgrounds and expertise.

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Elaine Tierney

Elaine is the chair of the trustees. Elaine has lived in Coventry for over 40 years and is passionate about the City she is proud to call “Home”. She is driven by a vision for Coventry of a world-famous, vibrant music and arts scene that will draw people to live, work, perform and study here and will nurture local performers and technicians to be internationally recognised as simply the best. This will also reinvigorate engineering employment in the City offering a new future in sound/lighting/recording and all trades associated with instruments, materials and equipment. Elaine’s involvement in the Tin Music and Arts comes from this vision and her personal zest for live music – whether they be local or world performers.

She is also fiercely committed to promoting the benefits that music and the arts can have on individuals’ health and wellbeing and the positive contribution they can make to help build strong and supportive communities that cross boundaries.

Janie Darley

Janie has been a trustee at The Tin since 2013. Now retired, Janie worked at Spon Gate Primary School as a facilitator to teaching staff, parents and children. She managed two other members of the admin team and was responsible for the daily management of the school budget and the production of letters and documents.

She enjoy reading, listening to and performing music, attending theatre and creative crafts– She’s attended the Hay Literary Festival annually since 2000 as well as the Sore Fingers bluegrass summer school annually for 8 years (where she plays violin). Janie travels a lot in order to see her favourite live musicians: Wilko Johnson, The Blockheads, John Otway, Gillian Welch, Stephen Malkmus. She also relishes being able to see great music at the Tin: Curtis Eller, Thomas Truax, Paul Curreri and Devon Sproule among others.

Duncan Elliot

Duncan is a chartered surveyor with 30 years’ experience in leading, bringing forward and delivering commercial development and regeneration schemes.

For six years he was the Head of the major ‘Swanswell Initiative’ regeneration area in which The Tin’s current operation is located. He also has over 20 years’ experience of working professionally in Coventry. Consequently, Duncan is well connected with local stakeholders, businesses, professionals and decision makers and the community groups in the City, and The Tin’s locality.

In his spare time he has a passion for local live music in Coventry and Leamington Spa. Duncan has been attending gigs at The Tin’s Coal Vaults venue on a regular basis since it opened.

In 2012 he was the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Bath Place Community Venture in Leamington Spa, a high profile charity promoting the health and wellbeing of local disadvantaged people. It was also home to a performing arts venue.

Graham Tilley

Graham is a born and bred Coventarian with a passion for music. He has been self-employed for over 8 years, having set up his own IT business after 15 years at Royal Mail. At the Royal Mail he held Team Leader roles mostly on the technology side where he was responsible for maintenance of the software running the mail sorting equipment. Graham also held several trade union roles, including the position of administration representative for the Communication Workers Union. He later joined the Communication Managers Union and held the position of Branch Secretary and Midlands Divisional Branch Secretary.

Graham believes that Coventry has gone thorough many ups and downs both economically and culturally but after many years of decline the flames of the phoenix are starting to flicker again with The Tin at the forefront of the city’s improving music and arts scene.