The Film Liberation Project

Taking place between July and December 2020, the Film Liberation Project presents a completely FREE and collaborative crash course in film and film-making.

Funded through our successful Arts Council Emergency Response Fund grant application, The Film Liberation Project aims to break down the barriers that surround film-making to give anyone the chance to be a filmmaker. It’s about working with what you’ve got and giving yourself permission to create and try new things, learning film through making, watching, discussing, collaborating and getting things wrong.

Starting in July and finishing in November (with August off), you will focus on particular genres and ideas through a selection of short and feature films with additional video essays, articles, interviews, fan and film theory. Via Zoom there will be post screening discussions as well as informative online seminars that will be led by the filmmakers and cover and combine the practical, the theoretical, film history and DIY ethics.

Each month there will be a chance for you to create your own mini projects with whatever you have available, so you can create, develop and discover. Each month you will create/ develop and adapt the projects as you learn new techniques, themes and theories. There will be a sample script for you to create your own film project or you can make your own up if you wish! As well as using genre as a way to study and create, each month’s seminars will also focus on the different stages of the filmmaking process, development, pre-production, production and post production but with the attitude of just giving it a go whilst learning as you go.

The Film Liberation Project is designed so you can explore as much or as little as you want. So, participants can take whatever they need to match their learning styles and levels, as well as having the opportunity to explore themes, theories and technique further if they wish.

There will be opportunities to have one to one’s with the filmmakers leading the project to discuss your work, as well as problem solving with your fellow participants. No film studies or filmmaking experience necessary.

The commitment expected over our 4 month programme will be:
• 3 hours of online seminars a month.
• 2.5 – 4.5 hours watching 1 – 2 feature films a month and 0-5 short films
• 1 week – 2 weeks period of filmmaking a month in your own time and dependent on your own pace. 
• Optional one to one and group discussions.
• Optional class reunion/screening opportunity at The Tin in December.

The Film Liberation Project materials are free but you will need some core items to help you engage with us. 
• Access to internet using Zoom for online seminars and YouTube for watching films
• Camera – can be camcorder or camera phone
• Laptop/Tablet or phone to access free editing software – (don’t worry we can help you with this) 
• Bank account – to receive a refund for payment of film hire 

Please note that places are limited to just 20 people and those who have no experience in filmmaking will be prioritised over those who have.

For more information on course content and dates, please click – HERE

To take part, please complete the application form – HERE