The Heartbreak Cafe

7:30 pm - 11:30 pm
£7adv (+ booking fee) / £10 OTD

Hey there! Are you bored? Has seasonal depression got you all twisted up? Have you had unexplainable mood swings? Or simply find your self in a constant haze, wishing things could have been different, you could have been different? Well if the answer is yes/no. We recommend a quick trip to the Heartbreak cafe. Let the smooth sounds of our talented staff restore your good mood with a delicious mix of neo pop soul gumbo, sprinkled with a generous helping of Rnb and some other ingredients only the sharpest of ears can pick out. This is a one time only event, courtesy of the 5th wave dimension portals. “Bringing the impossible to you”. So don’t miss out! Time might be relative but this is absolute.

Featuring Puellae, Migixhi, Onyeka, Tells, Misal and Sibby du Beck Blvck.

The Tin At The Coal Vaults

Black, white and red images on black ground. Red text reads "The Heartbreak Cafe".