Strip search Tramp, High Knucks, Futumche

8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Strip Search Tramp: Sci-Fi Garage Punk Rockers With An Industrial Edge, Catchy Riffs, Dark Lyrics, A B-Movie Soundtrack For Modern Times.
Spacey Tracey: Vox/Guitar (Thee Acid Tongue, Revolt Chix Usa, Ex- Army Of Skanks) Mr. Dibs: Electronics (Evil Blizzard, Krel, Ex-Hawkwind) Shrew: Bass/Backing Vox (Dead Babies, Bitter Tears Gorgeous) Doc: Guitar/Vox (Cros Buzz Safari, Ex-Annex Uk) Sharif: Drums/Samples (Annex Uk)

High Knucks: Five Piece High Octane Punk Rock’n’roll Hailing From Coventry West Midlands. Hkmf!!

Futumche! Three-Piece Post-Punk Outfit Described As “Aggressive”, “Sinister” And “Surreal”. The Band Blend An Eclectic Range Of Influences Into A Shape-Shifting Original Sound That Tells A Dark Story. Currently Promoting Debut Album "To The Withered Deity"

The Tin At The Coal Vaults