Spotlight presents… LIAM WOODALL & OCTAVIA ANDREA (Stoke Park School Spotlight Special)

8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
£1 entry

Liam Woodall is a 17 year old singer from Coventry. He has been singing, dancing and acting since a young age, performing in places such as the Belgrade Theatre and the Royal Albert Hall. Last summer, he won the chance to perform at the Godiva Festival , in front of an audience of thousands! He is inspired by artists such as Ariana Grande and Beyoncè. Liam is determined to succeed in a music career and is currently working on some original music.

Octavia Andrea is a 17 year old singer from Coventry. She mostly performs catchy hits in a acoustic, laid back style. Singing from a young age, she built her confidence up and now loves showcasing her talent to mass audiences.bShe performed at the Godiva Festival in 2016 and has been gigging around the city ever since. Octavia takes her inspiration from the likes of Tori Kelly and The 1975.

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