Sink or Swim presents Nuovo Testamento + Special Guests

7:30 pm - 11:00 pm
£10adv (+ booking fee)

The Los Angeles & Bologna-based trio, Nuovo Testamento, is lighting up the dance floor with their uniquely dark italo disco-flavored pop hits. Following the release of the coldwave cult favorite Exposure EP in 2019 on Avant! Records, their acclaimed full length, New Earth, exploded onto the scene with its graceful touch of 1980s-influenced club elements, contagious rhythms and the powerful punch of synthpop. The release was widely considered across genres to be one of 2021’s best underground albums of the year. Now, with their highly anticipated second LP, Love Lines, Nuovo Testamento continues to explore the light, the dark and the exultant personal power in what will undoubtedly become an instant dance classic.


The Tin At The Coal Vaults

Press photo for Nuovo Testamento. Two men and one woman, all dressed in black, pose in a brightly lit room.