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On September 13, American trombonist, composer and producer Peter Zummo releases his latest album, Deep Drive, on UK label Tin Angel’s new imprint Unheard Of Hope. Coming from the interdisciplinary avant-garde of New York City’s downtown scene, Zummo’s work over the years with Arthur Russell, Love of Life orchestra, Downtown Ensemble, Flying Hearts, and Lounge Lizards saw him create a style that he wryly termed “minimalism plus a whole lot more.” Across the five tracks of Deep Drive, Zummo refines the work he describes as “composition of and for ensemble” with five, very different musicians.


Along with old friends bassist Ernie Brooks and percussionist Bill Ruyle, Zummo plays with three new collaborators on Deep Drive: turntablist Keith McIvor (aka JD Twitch of Optimo), electronic producer and trombonist Ralph Cumbers (aka Bass Clef), and cellist Oliver Coates; a sextet merging Zummo’s “open form” composition and performance techniques with electronic and live instrumentation, vocal processing, collage and spoken word.


The music of Deep Drive was recorded in 2014, when Zummo led a UK tour with the aim of bringing three American and three British musicians together for the first time. The group performed four consecutive shows in October 2014 – at London’s Cafe Oto, Edinburgh’s Summerhall, Coventry’s The Tin, and Bristol’s Cube Cinema. Immediately after the tour, the group spent one Sunday at London’s Strongroom recording studio in order to document the tour’s work and mood.

These challenges focus on ensemble improvisations, based on long tone rows of chromatic pitches: “Deep Drone” works around 12 tones, “Prepare For Docking” around 7 tones. Moving forward and backward through the row, one note at a time, the players create retrograde repetitions and map out new patterns, zoning in to zone out. “We can improvise freely,” says Zummo, “but it’s more interesting to have a composition, written in traditional notation, which people can render in real time. It’s unfolding. We don’t know ahead of time what it’s going to sound like, but it has identity.”


“Nothing quite matches the languorous majesty of of 14 minute walk on the wild side Prepare for Docking’ Mojo 

“Peter Zummo is a downtown mainstay, once a student of both John Cage and Roswell Rudd, and a regular at the performance-art space The Kitchen, whose music naturally fit the era’s creative
borderless-ness, falling naturally between classical composition, jazz improvisation, and minimalist repetition.” NPR

“From modern classical to disco classicism, Peter Zummo shadowed Arthur Russell’s cello lines with his peerless trombone work.” Pitchfork


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