Midlands World Music Consortium – Open Jam Night (free)

7:30 pm
Free to take part

Midlands World Music Consortium (MWMC)

The MWMC (formerly the West Midlands World Music Consortium) is launching a new chapter in its history by broadening its base to welcome new members from both the West and East Midlands. This inaugural event was launched on Friday December 14 at the Polish ex-pat club, Centrala, Birmingham, attracting over sixty interested persons with many musicians from the Ukraine, Kurdistan, The Gambia, the Caribbean, Haiti, India, Pakistan and more.

The demographics in both the West and East Midlands have changed significantly over the past few years and the Consortium, an inclusive, umbrella organization, seeks to give a voice to artistes from old established ethnic minority communities as well as the recent new arrivals, through peer group support, networking meetings and collaborative performances and to engage with the wider communities through cultural and other creative events.

The Consortium is committed to:

Bringing together individuals, groups and other stakeholders who are involved in ‘world’ music activities in the Midlands

Establishing a data-base identifying in relation to the above

Meeting quarterly to discuss areas of mutual interests

Supporting and promoting world music artistes

Liaising and encouraging promoters, venues, educational establishments etc to engage/promote world music artistes from the Midlands

Supporting and promoting international world music events locally and nationally

Seeking support to enable members to attend local, national and international world music conference, showcases and associated events

The Consortium offers opportunities for:

Networking with musician friends from diverse cultures and across the regions!

Collaborating and producing new works !

Peer group mentoring , support and sharing experiences!

Showcasing in special consortium and other events across the region!

International networking via travel subsidy

Membership fees:

Individuals £10.00 Bands: £15.00 Organisations: £25.00

Members will receive discounted prices for events!

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