IVW 2024: Boudica presents Bar Pandora + Paradise of the Titans + KIMBERLXY

7:30 pm - 11:00 pm
£7 (+ booking fee)

Bar Pandora is the stage name of writer, composer, vocalist and producer, Charlie Tophill.

Bar Pandora’s melodious alt-pop is playfully sewn together from the offcuts of personal experience – field recordings, journal entries and improvised fragments which bop bewitchingly along to a rich undercurrent of harmonic synths, guitars and dynamic beats.

KIMBERLXY (Kimberley) a 21-year-old singer songwriter based in Coventry. Infused with Alternative R&B, neo soul and Indie sound and having credits with The Belgrade Theatre, Daimler powerhouse and Godiva Festival, she’s always been one to expand her horizons, wanting to always explore what it means to be an artist and an all in all creative. After taking a while out of performing, she’s making a return for the international Venus Week and the promotion of her first ever EP. ” Honestly couldn’t think of a better way of performing and announcing my first EP. Highly Grateful, and excited to perform again”

In order to make our events more financially accessible we offer a concession rate to people on a low wage/in receipt of benefits/on low retirement income. We ask that people use this offer respectfully. 

The Tin At The Coal Vaults


Poster for Bar Pandora at The Tin Music and Arts on Saturday 3rd February 2024. Advance tickets are £7, with concession tickets available for £5.