IVW 2024: The Film Liberation Project and the Tin Music & Arts present….CINEMA 0̷ Launch

5:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Book your place with £5 deposit on your membership

A monthly secret film club which mixes communal movie watching with learning, conversation and the chance to screen a film of your choice or find your new favourite film

The Film Liberation Project is a collective that watches, makes, talks, learns and shares everything about film. We are now opening the doors to our secret members only film club…CINEMA 0̷

CINEMA 0̷ is a film club where the films are chosen by members. We will be taking turns to show a film that you always wanted to share with someone. When it’s not your turn you will always have the mystery of what you will be watching and may learn something new about cinema from a film you would have never picked to watch yourself.

Like all good clubs in the world of cinema. There are some rules to this secret film club.

1) No one but the curator must know what the film is before the showing.
2) Beforehand a number of short videos and articles will be sent to members to help them understand the ideas, techniques and history of the film they’ll watch (without revealing what it is.)
3) A local short will be shown before the featured film to give a platform to the wonderful work that is been made locally
4) The curator to introduce their chosen film (we won’t force you if you’re nervous)
5) We all watch it together with drinks and food (sofa service by The Tin)
6) The curator helps guide a chat about the film afterwards.

Membership currently is limited to 50

Book your place with £5 deposit on your membership


Email filmlib.project@gmail.com for more information on membership

The Tin At The Coal Vaults


Poster for Secret Film Club as hosted by The Film Liberation Project on Sunday 4th February 2024 at The Tin Music and Arts. Poster image features black text, several classic film poster tropes and the phrase 'Cinema 0̷' on top of a pair of red lips, all against a bright yellow background.