DSM IV + ELLiS.D + Concrete Fun House

7:30 pm - 11:00 pm
£10adv (+ booking fee)

Formed by Guy McKnight of critically acclaimed and cult favourite The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster. The DSM IV has a dark sound that blends noise-rock, synth-pop and industrial, that delivers a unique musical experience. Their music is cacophonous and epic, featuring rich textures and melodic hooks that keep listeners captivated. The band’s powerful soundscapes, combined with their thought-provoking lyrics, create a mesmerizing atmosphere that both entertains and encourages introspection.

The DSM IV is a band that creates music with a powerful message that resonates with people who feel that a kinder world is possible. Their songs are both nasty and nice, thought-provoking and entertaining. With “NEW AGE PARANOIA,” The DSM iV has crafted an album that will captivate and inspire listeners, while also prompting deeper reflection on our society’s values and priorities.

Mark E Smith style lyricism to proto-techno beats, the band seem to sit somewhere between The Stooges primal garage punk and Suicide’s screeching futurism” – THE CLASHMUSIC

“Brilliant and exhilarating” -Eric Delsart, Rock&Folk Magazine

“The swirling sinister slice of goth pop sounds like Leeds era alternative dance floor-filling Sisters/Mission dry ice shenanigans…” -LOUDER THAN WAR



Best known as the manic drummer behind the garage-psych outfit Strange Cages, and more recently Jealous NostrilELLiS·D spent ten years flailing his limbs across the tattered kits of UK and Europe’s basement scene before starting out his solo project in 2021. After signing with DIY label Crafting Room Recordings at the turn of the 2022, the ensuing 15 months has seen him in a state of near consistent gigging and touring throughout the sweaty dives of the continent, bringing his raw, mercurial live performance to stages from London to Luxembourg, Bristol to Brussels, Kendal to Kusel.


Concrete Fun House

Concrete Fun House are the bouncy castle among the brutalism, the hall of mirrors to your soul, the oblique strategies in the clearance sale. Concrete Fun House stare into the abyss and fire the party cannon.

The Tin At The Coal Vaults


Poster for DSM IV's performance at The Tin Music and Arts, with support from ELLiS.D, on Thursday 2nd November.