Abstract Painting Session for Work-Life Balance

1:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Are you overwhelmed, bored or disenchanted with constant streaming and online events? Do you find it difficult to switch off and have no real downtime? Are you struggling to focus at work and bring new fresh ideas and perspectives?

In this hyper-hustle world, we live in it’s hard to carve out quality time to develop yourself and have creative fun in the process.

Why not take time for yourself, do something different and push your comfort zones?

Donna Preece Academy invites you to our creatively fuelled work-life balance inspired GROW Abstract Painting Session for all levels and expertise. It will be taking place at The Tin Community Space, The Tin Music and Arts | Units 1 – 4, The Canal Basin, CV1 4LY.

To book your space, it’s £10 (make sure you follow the event link to get your tickets and guarantee your place). This is an equitable ticket session; you will have an unpressured and discreet opportunity to pay what you can afford for this session. >>CHOOSE THE DATE AND GET YOUR TICKET HERE<< to purchase your ticket.

Taking the time to engage other areas of your brain that you may not get to work on regularly will enable you to return to your day-to-day life with fresh perspectives and a renewed focus.


  • Have fun creating your own abstract artwork
  • Learn creative techniques such as painting techniques and composition rules and experiment with unusual materials
  • Focus on imperfection and creating for the sake of it, not focusing on perfection
  • Engage with like-minded people
  • Take the time to switch off from the day-to-day and use parts of your brain that get neglected


Session Objective – The main objective of the session is for you to create, and understand basic composition and colour theories and the effect of your work.
Part One – How – abstract painting techniques and basic colour theory, inviting collective creative questions and suggestions.
Part Two – Create – give it a go allowing you to create where you feel drawn and have fun!
Part Three – Review – how did everyone get on? How did it make you feel? How does your work affect people in the group?


I provide Basic Supplies, paint, paper and some painting utensils which will be a solid foundation for you to get started.

As you build up your confidence through the sessions you may want to bring other Bonus Supply items with you if you want, such as what is listed below, but it is not essential.

If it’s your first time, just come along, and we will take care of you. Just make sure you bring an open mind, messy clothes and shoes.

Bonus supplies:

  • Mess protection – A dust sheet – plastic or fabric (an old double duvet cover can work well)
  • Whatever you want to create on? – Wooden panels, card, canvas boards or canvasses (whatever you prefer to paint on)
  • Something to mix paints on – A palette pad, plate or something sturdy and water-resistant you can use as a palette
  • Colours to use – Your favourite-coloured acrylic paints, watercolours or non-toxic artist materials
  • Something to paint with or prep with – Masking tape, brushes and palette knives; whatever you prefer to paint with, you may also want to experiment with geometric shapes, so rulers, compasses, string and un-usual bits and bobs can make for an interesting play/experimentation experience. I use plastic cutlery, straws, sponges, and whatever I think will create interesting marks.


  • “Do it! Depending on who you are, it may take some time to adjust your mindset to a more “abstract” way of thinking, but it’s a journey into yourself and your perceptions. You don’t need to be “creative” or think you’re creative, as the workshop extracts so much. There’s no judgment; it’s playing and definitely worth it!” Michelle
  • “Definitely, a worthwhile experience, even if painting isn’t your thing. There’s some things that can help change your approach to things.” Luke
  • “It’s very cathartic, and you’ll get out what you put in. At the very least, you’ll make new friends.” Trevor
  • “It’s definitely worth a try. You never know what/how much you’ll learn about yourself.” Andy
  • “Give yourself time and space to grow and push your boundaries in a safe space.” Sophie
  • “JFDI .. you will learn things about yourself.” Rishi
  • “Do it. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday” Jade
  • “It’s very cathartic, and you should join.” Tabitha
  • “Don’t overthink it going in.” Angus
  • “Highly recommend it!” Martin
  • “Suitable for anyone.” Barnie
  • “Definitely do it.” Ashley

The Tin Community Space


A selection of colourful paints and brushes next to paintings.