Random String: Coral Manton & Birgitt Aga: Women reclaiming AI for Activism workshop

10:30 am - 1:00 pm

This Event is Part of-Random String Festival, Coventry 16-18 November

The biennial festival of arts, play and technology returns to venues across Coventry. Performances, exhibitions and workshops in unexpected places with music, dance, visual arts and making for all the family to enjoy and explore together.

Random String is produced by Ludic Rooms, a non-profit postdigital arts organisation. We believe in empowering communities to become co-creators of work, in collaborating with partners across disciplines and demystifying the use of technologies as creative material.
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Free but bookable in advance. For women and people who do not primarily identify as male

Women Reclaiming AI is a collaborative AI Voice Assistant developed by women, for women.
This project is a  response to lack of gender diversity in the development of AI systems and an exploration of bias/gender roles in AI applications.
AI voice assistants like Ok Google, Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Bixby use female names, identities, voices (as a response to pressure an increasing number now have an option to change the gender of the voice to male). Studies revealed that both men and women respond more favourably to female speech and want their AI assistant to be ‘obedient and assisting.’ Culturally we are used to hearing female voices in subordinate/service roles and therefore on the whole we are more comfortable with a female voiced AI assistant.

This is a collaborative workshop for women and people who do not primarily identify as male, to author and co-create an AI assistant that reflects female identity, using a corpus of inspirational speech from women we admire.

Requirements: No previous experience of coding is required but participants are asked to bring a laptop if they have access to one.
Participants are also asked to bring  quotes from women who inspire them –  whether authors, celebrities, relatives or friends etc.

Speak to the chatbot here www.womenreclaimingai.com
Important Please email us@ludicrooms.com if you need to borrow a laptop for this event


The Herbert Art Gallery