annA rydeR’s Fat Chance Show!

6:30 pm - 10:00 pm
10adv (+ booking fee)

An innovative music and moving imagery show – in collaboration with highly acclaimed artist Nicky Cure, annA rydeR sings her own original songs with the exciting extra dimension of equally distinctive and intriguing moving pictures.

These are immersive, entertaining and atmospheric films made together over the last two years which combine Nicky’s art, real-life images and Etch-A-Sketch with annA’s hand-drawn cartoons and stop-motion and some live action chucked in.

Musical dynamo singer-songwriter annA rydeR’s exuberant humour and joyful presentation is matched only by her outstanding musicianship. The stage is adorned with a spectrum of instruments from piano to trumpet, guitar to accordion and she sometimes plays them more than one at a time.

An evening with annA is always rich and uplifting so adding the moving images she has created in collaboration with artist Nicky Cure makes for a truly unique, multi-sensual experience.

Quite simply, unforgettable.

The Tin At The Coal Vaults