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My role at Spon Gate Primary School involves being a facilitator to teaching staff, parents and children. I manage the two other members of the admin team and liaise with visiting professionals, staff at the Education Authority and am always ready to deal with any crisis that arises. I am responsible for the daily management of the school budget and produce letters and documents, all of which are maintained on the admin computer system.

• 1987 – 1999 School governor Coundon Primary School
• June 2013 to present – Trustee of the Tin Music & Arts
• November 2013 to present – Committee member of FWT (Foleshill Women’s Training)

I enjoy reading, listening to and performing music, attending theatre and creative crafts– I’ve attended the Hay Literary Festival annually since 2000. I attended the Sore Fingers bluegrass summer school annually for 8 years (play violin). I travel a lot in order to see my favourite live musicians: Wilko Johnson, The Blockheads, John Otway, Gillian Welch, Stephen Malkmus. I also relish being able to see great music at the Tin: Curtis Eller, Thomas Truax, Paul Curreri and Devon Sproule among others.