Boudica Presents: Here to be Heard, The Story of the Slits [Film]

Thursday 29 March 2018 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
£4 Adv/ £5 OTD

London in the mid seventies was a city besieged by conflict, violence, and economic depression and in the aftermath of the cultural revolutions of the 60s, that had sought to dismantle the social norms that preceded it, artists and musicians of the mid 70s sought to redefine them.

The world was on fire with idea that you could be and say whatever you wanted in a society struggling to redefine the principles that had once controlled it… and this was all fine and good… for men.

Our film begins with Slits bass player, Tessa Pollitt, now in her early 50’s, on her way home from work, walking through the neighbourhood of west London. As Tessa turns a corner she approaches her home, she enters and we see her quiet character begin to unfold as she sits down and picks up a worn and clearly loved scrapbook.

Leafing through the worn pages of the scrapbook we see images of a life past… photos, newspapers clippings, the drawings of a young girl… and as she opens her mouth to speak we hear the thoughts and emotions of “The Quiet One”, now centre stage to tell the story of her dearest friends… as she takes us back to that same neighbourhood of west London in 1975.

From here Tessa is our main guide to the piece’s narrative, telling the story of The Slits from their formation. Starting in seventies London, we are guided by Tessa and her scrapbook. Stories of her band-mates early days are told, from Ari Up’s formative days being influenced by a German aristocrat mother, and musical luminaries such as Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie and John Lydon.


The Coal Vaults

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