Graham Photo

I am a born and bred Coventarian with a passion for music. I have been self-employed for over 8 years, having set up my IT business after 15 years at Royal Mail. There I held Team Leader roles mostly on the technology side where I had responsibility for maintenance of the software running the mail sorting equipment. I also held several trade union roles, including the position of administration representative for the Communication Workers Union. I later joined the Communication Managers Union and held the position of Branch Secretary and Midlands Divisional Branch Secretary prior to my voluntary redundancy.

Coventry has gone thorough many ups and downs both economically and culturally but after many years of decline the flames of the phoenix are starting to flicker again with The Tin at the forefront of the city’s improving music and arts scene.

I feel strongly that the value of a thriving Music and Arts scene to a city cannot be underestimated. I am proud to be a trustee of The Tin Music and Arts and to help ensure that the organisation prospers as an important community resource.