Room 237

Monday 26 August 2013 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm
£3 On the door

We’re kicking off a new season of film nights later this month, starting with Room 237 – an American documentary film directed by Rodney Ascher which explores the many perceived meanings in Stanley Kubrick’s ornate horror classic The Shining.

Featuring discussions by a number of Kubrick enthusiasts, the theories range from Kubrick’s top secret involvement in staging the Apollo 11 moon landing to tenuous interpretations into what is most likely continuity errors. But whether you agree with the theories or not, have no doubt, this is essential viewing for any film fan, as well a fascinating insight into one of cinema’s finest artists.

We’ll also be playing some of the documentary’s excellent synth-driven soundtrack by Jonathan Snipes and William Hutson.


The Coal Vaults

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