Nightingales + Mark Wynn

Popcorn Double Feature present: Mark Wynn & Nightingales

Sunday 30 October 2016 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
£10 advance / £8 concession / £12 on the door / £10 concession on the door

The Nightingales was formed by former members of The Prefects following that band’s demise in 1979.
Described in John Robb’s definitive book on ‘post punk’ (Death To Trad Rock) as “The misfits’ misfits” and comprising an ever fluctuating line up, based around lyricist/singer Robert Lloyd, the Nightingales enjoyed cult status in the early ’80’s as darlings of the credible music scene and were championed by John Peel, who said of them – “Their performances will serve to confirm their excellence when we are far enough distanced from the 1980’s to look at the period rationally and other, infinitely better known, bands stand revealed as charlatans”.

The group recorded a bunch of critically acclaimed singles (Almost always ‘Single Of The Week’ in the music press) and three albums, plus many radio sessions for their great supporter Peel. They also regularly toured the UK and Northern Europe, as headliners and supporting acts as diverse as Bo Diddley and Nico.

Mark Wynn is a pretend popstar from the North of England. Mark Wynn rips off the Fall. He wears a tiara and takes his shirt off because he likes to look for half naked pictures of himself on the internet. He is 29, and will probably be releasing an EP in October in order to justify something to himself. He sounds like a cross between Sleaford Mods, The Beatles and Kate Moss. He makes songs with names like ‘I Once Fingered a Girl who had Rejected Rick Witter’ and ‘She Fancies me that One in Age Concern.’ Soon he will launch his own brand of trainers. He will call them Wynners. The main material for these will be Keith Richards’s fag butts he will buy on ebay, once he has funded the money via the crowd – due to this they will be very expensive trainers and not very waterproof – more of a Sunday shoe for hungover trips round the chazzers. He is also putting a fitness video together. This something to do with the idea of multi-tasking in the society bin very important.

When he is not dancing, he is singing over other people’s songs. A sound man in Nottingham informed him that some Disc Man CD players come with something called Anti-shake. Mark Wynn does not care if the CD player skips. It is important to the Mark Wynn that there is an element of arse in what occurs. Without it, Mark Wynn would have to start doing gigs with his shoe laces undone or something. This is not something the Mark Wynn wishes to do.

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