Elaine Tierney

Elaine has lived in Coventry for over 40 years and is passionate about the City she is proud to call “Home”. She is driven by a vision for Coventry of a world-famous, vibrant music and arts scene that will draw people to live, work, perform and study here and will nurture local performers and technicians to be internationally recognised as simply the best. This will also reinvigorate engineering employment in the City offering a new future in sound/lighting/recording and all trades associated with instruments, materials and equipment. Elaine’s involvement in the Tin Music and Arts comes from this vision and her personal zest for live music – whether they be local or world performers.

She is also fiercely committed to promoting the benefits that music and the arts can have on individuals’ health and wellbeing and the positive contribution they can make to help build strong and supportive communities that cross boundaries.

Elaine is a retired Public Sector accountant with over 30 years’ experience of management accounting and financial reporting across local government and the NHS. She has played key roles in service and infrastructure developments in the city ranging from cancer services and cataract day-surgery facilities to new squares and green spaces in the heart of the city centre.

From the mid 1980’s she was a trustee and then Chair of Coventry Cyrenians, helping the charity to continue its development from a night shelter established for men sleeping rough into a holistic service tackling the needs of people without homes or those struggling to maintain tenancies – men, women, young people – with particular emphasis on building people’s life skills. These needs include access to music and the arts, particular for people struggling with mental health issues.

Known as ‘The Mother of the Tin” Elaine sees a crucial part of her personal role as a trustee and the Chair to be ensuring that each and every person coming to the Tin feels safe and welcome. Her goal is see more and more people come through the door to enjoy music and arts of the very highest standard and leave eager to return. There’s nowhere else in the world like the Tin!