Collective//Pod: Contemporary Art Commision for Coventry Pride

£150 available to develop and deliver a Contemporary Art exhibition for Coventry Pride 2015 (June 27th-28th)

Collective//Pod would like to commission a professional practicing artist, who is active in LGBT community, to develop and deliver an Exhibition for the first Pride ever to be held in Coventry.

The exhibition should explore LGBT themes and be accessible for all ages. You will need to ensure that you can evaluate, assess and manage associated risks and deliver the Exhibition on 27th and 28th June.

The inclusive value of the project is £150. Artists will responsible to Collective//Pod. Please limit your proposal to a maximum of 500 words and carefully consider our criteria. We also require that you include a CV with your proposal including a professional arts portfolio with evidence of exhibition and current studio work. Send your proposal to: by 6pm Monday 1st June.

About Collective//Pod

Collective//Pod has a majority membership of artists with lived experience of severe and enduring mental ill health and believes that creativity challenges and infiltrates what we do and how we feel, both subconsciously and consciously. Through their relationship with the Pod and collaboration with other professional artists and creative industries on a local and international platform, symbiotic and transformative relationships have evolved. This has been achieved through the continued development of a professional, eclectic, thought provoking and evolving arts programme that inspires images of possibility.

About the Exhibition Space.

Collective//Pod and Pod are the proud custodians and curators of the Bob and Roberta Smith shed known as the Coventry Centre of Contemporary Art (CCCA). Bob and Roberta Smith conceived the shed as an alternative fine arts exhibition and project space for Coventry.

Collective//Pod and Pod are committed to preserving and developing the original concept. The shed, most recently at the Herbert in Coventry, was used in the Bob and Roberta Smith installation at the Mead Gallery in 2009. Bob and Roberta Smith is currently leading a high profile, political campaign to assert the importance of arts and culture in education and life.

Project Scope

The exhibition space is approximately 2.5m square with 3 walls to exhibit on. Previous exhibitions have included Installations, Photographic exhitions and Paintings. See links to previous exhibitions at CCCA below. Eve Hyde-Davis Mike Chavez Dawson

Essential Criteria

  • Artist must be active in LGBT community
  • Artist must be actively producing art have a professional arts portfolio with evidence of exhibition and current studio work
  • Artist is expected to promote the event and include references to the collective//Pod in PR material
  • Artist must provide a costing breakdown of planned activity. Including material and promotional costs
  • Artist is responsible for carrying out necessary risk assessments
  • Artist must be available and present for the Pride Event days 27th 28th June to curate/invigilate work

Desirable criteria

  • Artist to be able to invigilate or find someone to invigilate the exhibition at other times and days throughout the course of the exhibition